What is sharetool

ShareTool is a blockchain driven platform for the sharing of equipment, tools, skills and knowledge utilizing the power of the shared economy.
Also called “collaborative consumption”, “the collaborative economy” and “the peer economy” - the shared economy consists of peer-to-peer exchanges of goods or services for payment.
The principle behind the peer economy is simple: unused value is wasted value. We are consumers, and we love our stuff, but most of that stuff sits around collecting dust.
So - share with each other and make money
b2b - benefits
Manufacturers can benefit from blockchain technology and shared market at the same time.
b2c - benefits
This makes a new kind of business model, where everyone can benefit.
c2c - benefits
We all have different tools laying around the house and we all have unique skills and knowledge. Why not share with one another and make some money while doing it?

Future of sharing

The shared economy is currently where social media was 10 years ago and this new economic model will no doubt continue to build momentum and disrupt most industries in the years to come, just as we saw with social media.

To get started in the shared economy a mobile phone and internet access are the only requirements. Over time, we’ll see a gap created between those that are actively participating in the shared economy and those that aren’t.

Garnering access to the shared economy will likely become one of the greatest global economic/social movements of the next 20 years.

Platform technology

An AI based shared economy platform enables users of all kinds to interactively share their equipment, tools, skills and knowledge with millions around the globe.
Entering and sharing data with users is made within the app. Searching on the app will display instant local results on a map. With a simple click you can make a deal with someone nearby.

Every deal is made using tokens (or SHER as we call them), and it includes a deposit to offset the risk to the renter. As a buyer you need to have enough tokens on your account to cover your share fee and a deposit. Once the deal is finished then both sides can review the goods or services provided by using the app. A smart contract will then send tokens to the seller and the buyer will get back the deposit paid. Making a review will get you extra tokens.

Why blockchain & AI

New technologies offer endless possibilities like never before. Blockchain technologies have helped us build a global, transparent, decentralized platform where anyone can share equipment, tools, skills and knowledge or a mix of those. There is no middle man between two parties. All business logic and transactions are done with the help of smart contracts.

Our team

Anže Klobčaver
Alen Mikelin
COO & Co-founder
Aleš Ribič
CTO & Co-founder
Uroš Ferlin
CMO & communication
Jože Oberstar
Head legal
Tomaž Kastelec
Digital Marketing
Katja Čemažar
Head of design
Matej Krhin
API Developer


Jure Primožič
Robert Gazvoda
Business development
Ph.D. Dengji Zhao
Sharing Economy/AI Professor
Alexander Racic
Paul Francis
Lucas Cervigni
Aleš Tavčar
AI advisor - developer
Miha Mlakar
AI advisor - developer

Manufacturers, this is
your opportunity for the future

It is our hope that companies will see the long term potential of manufacturing higher quality for-rent tools, equipment and machinery, not meant for end-user sales (due to higher prices) but exclusively for renting and long term income. Equipment needs to be an investment again, not a commodity.

The ShareTool platform will unleash new ways for companies to share assets, including large-scale items such as equipment and power tools. Sharing services will have large upsides for consumers, who now have more options for borrowing products. These services are also beneficial for product owners, who can monetize their investments in new ways.

Manufacturers are able to charge a higher price for every product they sell because consumers will be willing to pay more, thanks to their potential revenue from renting out the product and OEM.

The companies doing this by gradually infiltrating the sharing economy are sure to profit more than the planned-obsolescence companies by all means.

The shared economy creates a win-win scenario.



We are always on the lookout for potential partners. If you are interested in becoming a partner feel free to contact us.

SHER token

SHER token is a utility token which will be running on the ShareTool platform. You will be able to set prices in tokens and buy sharing services from offers using SHER.

The SHER token will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain using an ERC20-compatible token standard.

SHER will be used as the currency inside the ShareTool ecosystem, supporting all aspects of the shared economy.

Team tokens will unlock at rate of 25% per 3 months starting at the end of crowdsale. All team tokens will be unlocked after 1 year.

The SHER token will be issued during our private sale and available then in presale and crowdsale.

Raised funds will go towards funding future development of the ShareTool platform and helping us meet our roadmap goals. We are currently a distributed team; with several partners and advisors, and we will maintain this arrangement to keep costs low. Depending on the success of the crowdsale, we see our proposed funding able to sustain the development and growth of the ShareTool platform for the next 3-5 years which we explain financially and by the stages in our business plan.

Token details

  • Symbol: SHER

  • Token total: 300.000.000 SHER
  • Crowdsale: 180.000.000 SHER
  • Token price: 1 SHER = $0,10

  • Soft cap: 5.000.000 USD
  • Hard cap: 18.000.000 USD

  • Minimum contribution: 0,1 ETH
  • Unsold tokens: All unsold tokens remaining after the crowdsale will be used to grow users and platform use
  • ERC 20-compatible

  • Technical specification:
  • Token standard: ERC 20
  • Decimals: 18

Token details

  • Symbol: SHER

  • Token total: 300.000.000 SHER
  • Crowdsale: 180.000.000 SHER
  • Token price: 1 ETH=8000 SHER

  • Soft cap: 5.000.000 USD
  • Hard cap: 18.000.000 USD

  • Minimum contribution: 0,1 ETH
  • Unsold tokens: All unsold tokens remaining after the crowdsale will be used to grow users and platform use

  • Technical specification:
  • Token standard: ERC 20
  • Decimals: 18

Bonus stages

The ICO has a bonus structure for early investors as well as a pre-sale period with even better conditions. The bonuses are as follows:

Corporate social


The shared economy is building a stronger community. As resources become more constrained and waste is seen as a resource, more cooperative platforms will help to give access to goods to those who can’t afford them, accelerate a more sustainable standard of living while reducing the environmental impact of society. ShareTool will help create the middle class again.

Help us save the earth

One way you can help create a greener planet and a brighter future for all, is to turn to the shared economy. ShareTool offers a number of environmental benefits, making the peer-to-peer marketplace the ideal place to exchange goods and services.

Using the same tools and equipment means that fewer goods will need to be produced in the first place. Aside from decreasing water and fuel consumption, the shared economy also helps people reduce the amount of other resources wasted.

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